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The team

who are we

Why settle for second best? What if even the best available product isn't good enough? We believe that at KCPerformance we have the team to help our clients answer these questions and fulfill their specific wishes.

When it comes to high performance vehicles, we not only look further than the rest, we also understand that needs might differ. We will do everything we can to make possible what seemed impossible. We have the expertise and tools to find your car's optimal balance between handling and performance.


KCPerformance was founded by Pieter Hermans and Kazimir van Hooijdonk, two gentlemen with a passion to tune and improve everything that rolls. Despite the possibilities of the current technology, there were no solutions available that met their needs, so the simple conclusion was to start doing things themselves, not just do, do better! Optimizing engine performance has always been our main goal, not just an increase in power, but also a good usability of the power at hand . We offer an extensive range of possibilities, from chip tuning to converting vehicles to flexi-fuel. Improving the brakes and handling are always a key part of our customizations. This complete performance package makes KCPerformance the specialist we are today.

Many automotive companies talk about how many customers they have, but truly listening to the client's questions and wishes is taking it a step further. KCPerformance is committed to fulfill their client's individual motoring wishes. Filling the gap to customize a car to your individual performance needs, turning an everyday car into an outstand ing performer. This is how KCPerformance makes the impossible possible, and often even more within reach than you at first perhaps thought. 'Performance to the limit', combining your wishes with affordable solutions. 'High performance motoring', per your wishes and our expertise.

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