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  • Deleted EWS
  • KCPerformance stage 1 chiptune
  • Removed lambda sensor error
  • Removed catalyst error
  • Removed ABS
  • Removed DSC
  • Removed cold engine rev limiter

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The owner of this BMW M5 drifter came to us at an event to see if we could do some electronic modifications to his car as the car was going in limp home mode because of a lambda sensor error. We told him to bring his car to us so we could solve his problem.

He brought the car to us and we hooked it up to our computer. Our technical director took some time to study the mapping and then modified it for the client. We deleted the ability for the ECU to give an error because of any catalyst- or lambda sensor. We also deleted the EWS system. The ABS and DSC system was also deleted to enable the driver to have a pure drift car without any electronic interference from stability programs. We gave the car a KCPerformance stage 1 chiptune to raise the output of the engine to 435hp and 540nm. At request of the client we also deleted the cold engine rev limiter that limits the engine to 4000rpm when cold.

This beast was now ready to be picked up by his owner and to be thrown around at all the drift events this summer. The car was tested by the owner and was impressed by how much faster the 35hp and 40nm gain feels. Also the ABS and DSC delete made the car a more pure and drift friendly car.

If you see this M5 going sideways this summer, be sure to make some pictures. And don't forget to tag us!


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