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by KCPerformance Saab 9-5 Estate 1.9 TiD Projects




  • Front Triangle Bushing Whiteline
  • Front (rear) Triangle Bushing Whiteline
  • Steering ball joints replaced inside and outside
  • Front ball joints
  • Swaybar front bushings Powerflex
  • Swaybar links front
  • KCPerformance Wiechers front strut brace
  • Rear Powerflex polyurethane rubber mount
  • Whiteline swaybar rear


  • Bilstein B8 Shock absorbers 30mm lowering
  • KCPerformance Saab 9-5 Estate 30mm lowering
  • Topbearings front

Engine modifications

  • Removed diesel particle filter
  • Removed swirl valves
  • Removed throttle body hardware


  • Disabled EGR
  • KCPerformance Stage 2 custom chiptune for automatic transmission - approximately 200hp
  • Removed throttle body software


  • Nokian 225/45/17XL 94Y


  • Timing belt kit including swirlvalve delete
  • Replaced drive belt
  • Replaced pulleys and waterpump
  • Renewed oil
  • Interior filter including ventilation system cleaner
  • Air filter
  • Fuel filter
  • Bake lines steel
  • Brake disks
  • Brake pads
  • Brake calipers and disks 308mm
  • PDC sensor
  • Citylight
  • Automatic transmission fluid
  • Glowplugs
  • Starter
  • Windscreen wipers

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

This lovely Saab 9-5 Estate came to us for a spa treatment. We composed a list of upgrades and maintenance jobs. Watch out! Don't show this project to your own car, he will be green with envy!

We started with the engine. He received a timing service and while we were at it, we removed the swirl valves. We also replaced the drive belt. All the pulleys and the water pump were replaced while doing this service. The throttle body hardware and software was also removed. During this software modification we also disabled the EGR and raised the performance with a KCPerformance stage 2 chiptune custom made for cars with an automatic transmission. The diesel particle filter was also removed, hardware and software.

The engine received a large service, we changed the engine- and transmission oil including the interior filter (including ventilation system cleaner) , air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, glow plugs and starter.

Then we moved on to the brakes. The front received an upgrade brake set with new calipers and disks with 308mm diameter. The pads were also replaced on all 4 corners. The brake lines were in need for replacement so we replaced them by steel brake lines. To strengthen the power of the brakes, the tires were also replaced by new Nokian tires.

If you thought that we were done, then hold on to your chair. We also gave the chassis a large overhaul. We replaced the shock absorbers and springs with a combination of Bilstein B8 shocks and KCPerformance springs to result in a comfortable and sportive suspension with a lowering of 30mm. We also replaced the top bearings. The front trailing arms received new Whiteline bushings on the front and rear. The balljoints ans steering joints were also replaced. The rubber bushings on the sway bars front and rear were replaced with Powerflex polyurethane bushings. The front end links were also replaced. The rear sway bar was thanked for his service and replaced by a Whiteline part. To complete the suspension upgrades we fitted a KCPerformance Wiechers strut brace, this isn't only a beautiful piece but it's also functional!

To dot the i's, we replaced the windscreen wipers. We also installed new PDC sensors and city lights.

The car was now picture perfect and the client could pick up his beautiful 9-5 1.9 TiD. It was a real pleasure for us to give this car this spa treatment, resulting in such a great car with an enthusiastic owner! Projects like this make every car guys heart beat faster, right?


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