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by KCPerformance Opel Vectra C GTS 2.8 V6 Turbo OPC Projects




  • KCPerformance / Whiteline bushings in the front trailing arms
  • KCPerformance bushings in the rear trailing arms


  • KCPerformance / AST coilovers
  • KCPerformance / AST top mounts


  • Disabled IDSplus-suspension


  • Replaced 3 way valve
  • Replaced ignition coils


  • Aligned and weighed car for perfect balance

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

Car manufacturers often build the superlative degree of one of their car. These cars should be the summum of performance engineering and are often bursting out of the seams with technological highlights in combination with a powerful engine. But often you can discover that these cars are just marketing tools to sell more of their standard cars. They are filled with badges and stickers of their house tuner or a certain racetrack, an eye-catching color, big wheelsand by chance you can get all these options on a standard version to give it the look of the sport version.

This customer doesn't fall for that and that is why he bought the real deal. A beautiful Opel Vectra C GTS OPC with a 2.8 V6 turbo petrol engine and an even more beautiful color. As we at KCPerformance often say, there is always room for improvement. Even an AMG, M-Power, S, RS, GTI,... and also this OPC.

The IDSplus-chassis, this is the name for the dynamic damping on the shock absorbers, wasn't good enough for this customer. As we notice more and more with modern sports cars, this is just a gimmick instead of something that actually can turn your car from a soft cloud to a F1 car with the touch of a button. That is why we swapped the shock absorbers and springs with a coilover set KCPerformance developed together with AST. This set was installed together with top mounts from KCPerformance and AST. The OPC received a chassis that he should have gotten from the factory. The amount of grip that you have with this set is out of this world. And all this from something that is all produced in the Netherlands.

To unlock even more grip we installed KCPerformance and Whiteline bushings in the front trailing arms and our own KCPerformance bushings in the rear trailing arms. The car was aligned and weighed for the perfect balance to make the whole chassis razor sharp. The IDSplus-chassis error was deleted from the software as this system isn't installed anymore.

After a test drive we felt that the car didn't have all of his standard 255hp. We inspected the car to find the cause of this power loss and quickly found that the ignition coils were in need of replacement and the 3-way valve was worn. They were replaced and the blue blizzard was healthy again.

The car was handed back to its owner and after a test drive he was overjoyed. He was very impressed with the chassis and the sharp handling that came with it. Now he is firmly convinced that the only abbreviation that really signifies a thoroughbred race monster are the letters KCP.


by KCPerformance Ready Projects


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