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by KCPerformance Opel Vectra C Estate 1.9 CDTI Projects




  • Pre-cat delete pipe
  • DPF delete


  • Replaced turbo

Engine modifications

  • Closed off EGR


  • KCPerformance stage 2 software - 200hp & 420Nm
  • Removed DPF from software
  • Removed EGR from software


  • Replaced broken exhaust manifold studs
  • Repaired ECU bracket


  • Changed oil

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

KCPerformance can also provide you with tuning parts. So every car enthusiast that likes to work on his car can install KCPerformance products with the necessary information and help aftersales. This Opel Vectra came to us for a inlet manifold with the swirl valves removed to install it himself. After we gave him some pointers on the installation he fitted the manifold himself.

A few months later the Vectra returned for diagnosis on his engine. After a test drive, visual inspection and checking the car with our diagnostic tools we pinpointed that the turbo has known better days.

We started with the swapping the old turbo by a new one. The old turbo was taken from the engine and during this process we noticed that the exhaust manifold gasket has been leaking and this resulted in some broken studs. These were carefully removed and replaced by new ones.

The new turbo was installed together with a pre-cat delete pipe. The DPF was also removed from the car and emptied. The EGR was blocked with a plate and an ECU bracket was repaired. The engine received an oil service and then we moved on to the software part of this build.

The car received a KCPerformance stage 2 chiptune to raise the output of the engine to 200hp and 420Nm. We also deleted the DPF and EGR errors from the software.


The customer retrieved his car and can now enjoy an engine restored back to health with a lovely gain in performance. As you can see, you are welcome at KCPerformance for parts, advice, modifications, diagnosis,"¦ in short, everything car related!


by KCPerformance Ready Projects


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