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by KCPerformance Saab 9-3 Sport Estate Aero 1.9 TTiD Projects




  • KCPerformance/Whiteline bushing rear trailing arm upgrade
  • KCPerformance rear axle bushing

Engine modifications

  • EGR removed
  • Throttle body removed
  • Removed swirl valves


  • KCPerformance Stage 3 software - 230hp & 475Nm
  • Software update
  • Removed DPF from software
  • Removed EGR from software
  • Removed swirl valves from software
  • Removed throttle body from software


  • New glow plugs


  • New oil
  • New oil filter
  • New engine mounts

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

KCPerformance loves to accompany you with your search for your dream car. We can help you look for that perfect dream car, inspect it, give advice on what worn parts to check, retrieve the car from the seller, import it, modify it,... the options are unlimited.

A good client of ours came to us with the wish to own a Saab 9-3 Sport Estate 1.9 TTiD. After we searched for hours for a 9-3 we found a lovely German one. We went to take a look at the car and test drive it. After we negotiated we bought the car and transported it to its new home.

Once the car arrived at our shop we completed all the steps necessary to import a car. After all the inspections and paperwork were completed we moved on to the modifications.

We removed the swirl valves, throttle body, EGR and DPF from the engine and the software. The software also received an update to a KCPerformance stage 3 chiptune to transform the engine in a healthy and strong beast. An output of 230hp and 475Nm out of a 1.9 diesel isn't something to complain about! We also replaced the glow plugs and did a large service on the engine.

To upgrade the chassis we replaced the bushings in the real trailing arms by KCPerformance/Whiteline bushings and the rubber in the rear axle needed to move over for a KCPerformance bushing.

The car was now in pristine condition and stronger then ever. The car was delivered to the customer at his house on his birthday as a little surprise. Of course he was to the roof about his purchase and has already added a big amount of kilometers on the odometer. It's one of the biggest compliments we can receive as a tuner, that a customer gets such joy from driving his car, that he wants to drive it everywhere.

KCPerformance project: Saab 9-3 Sport Estate Aero 1.9 TTiD, photo 2 KCPerformance project: Saab 9-3 Sport Estate Aero 1.9 TTiD, photo 3


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KCPerformance modified hundreds of cars, all brands and all types Some "only" did a Stage 1, others were overhauled completely or restored and "optimized".

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