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by KCPerformance Saab 9-5 Estate Aero Hirsch Troll 2.3 Turbo Projects




  • Custom clutch and pressure plate - Viggen 2.3T Troll R
  • Modified gearbox ring - B234R


  • Front wishbone rear bushing KCPerformance
  • Front rear KCPerformance locking plate
  • Rear trailingarm bushings KCPerformance
  • Swaybar Rear KCP001 22mm 3-way adjustable
  • Strengthening of the original strut brace
  • Custom rear strut brace
  • Powerflex engine mounts
  • Swaybar front with universal chassis bracket


  • New top bearings
  • Eibach Pro-Kit 30mm lowering springs
  • Bilstein B8 shock absorbers 30mm lower


  • New brake discs
  • New brake pads
  • New calipers


  • New radiator
  • New fans


  • New custom front lug bolts
  • New rear lug bolts
  • Straightened rim set


  • New rocker cover gasket
  • New head gasket
  • New rocker cover ventilation tube
  • New vacuum pump
  • New crankshaft position sensor T7
  • New nipple for the vacuum connection
  • New checkvalve and silicon hoses
  • Repaired PDC connector
  • New banjo bolt vacuum pump
  • New PDC sensor
  • New driveshafts OEM SAAB
  • New middle driveshaft
  • New dynamo
  • New front steering ball joints
  • New Direct Ignition Cassette


  • Replaced battery
  • Changed transmission fluid
  • Replaced spark plugs
  • High performance oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Replaced air filter
  • Changed coolant
  • Fine tuned handbrake
  • Fixed allignment
  • Replaced interior filter
  • Replaced fuel filter
  • Changed brake fluid
  • Ozon interior odor treatment

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

Certain garages or specialists are rather careless when it comes to doing a service on a car. Doing maintenance on a car is a routine job for a lot of companies and that is why there are often things that they forget to, do or aren't done on purpose, without telling the costumer. When a car comes into our shop and we inspect it, we often show them these omissions that were done by the previous person who worked on the car.

The owner of this exclusive Saab 9-5 Estate Aero Hirsch Troll came to us because the car wasn't repaired to the level that he expected. After a closer look at the car we even noticed some parts were installed wrong, probably because of incompetence or negligence by his garage. We gave the whole car a thorough check and made him a quote of all the things we would do to bring the car to the state he would like to see his car in.

We started with the neglected maintance. We replaced the battery, all the filters and spark plugs. We also replaced the gearbox and brake fluid. The interior was also cleaned with an ozon interior odor treatment to get rid of all the weird smells and smoke stench.

Repairs were needed on a list of items to ensure a safer and more pleasant car. The engine received a new rocker cover gasket, head gasket, rocker cover ventilation tube, vacuum pump, T7 crank shaft position sensor, nipple for the vacuum connection, checkvalve and silicon hoses, banjo bolt for the vacuum pump, PDC sensor, OEM SAAB driveshafts, dynamo, front steering ball joints and Direct Ignition Cassette. We also repaired 1 PDC connector because the rest of the sensor was still intact, so no need to replace it.

The gearbox received a custom clutch and pressure plate. The ring in the gearbox was also modified. A new radiator was installed together with 2 new fans. We also mounted new brake discs, brake pads and brake calipers.

The chassis wasn't forgotten, we did a bunch of repairs and upgrades on it. The shocks and springs were replaced with Bilstein B8 shocks and a Eibach Pro-Kit with new top bearings. This combination lowered the car 30mm. Next were all the rubber parts in the chassis. We used a combination of KCPerformance and Powerflex polyurethane for the rear bushings in the front wishbones, bushings in the rear wishbones, and the engine mounts. We also installed a KCPerformance locking plate in the rear of the front axle, a KCPerformance rear sway bar that is adjustable to 3 settings, reinforced the front strut brace, installed a custom rear strut brace and a front sway bar with universal bracket. To fine tune all these upgrades we aligned the car.


The car was back in showroom condition and ready to be picked up by the owner. When he saw his car his was ecstatic by the quality of all the work that was done on his car.


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KCPerformance modified hundreds of cars, all brands and all types Some "only" did a Stage 1, others were overhauled completely or restored and "optimized".

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