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by KCPerformance Alfa Romeo GT 1.9 JTDm Projects




  • Removed DPF

Engine modifications

  • Closed EGR off with blocking plate


  • Removed DPF from software
  • Removed EGR from software

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

A diesel particle filter is rather a burden then something good. These filters often show errors when they get clogged or because of an other mechanical malfunction and replacing it is an expensive procedure. The exhaust gas recirculation system is also something that does more harm then people think. The exhaust gasses that flow back into the air intake often soot up the intake manifold or cause other mechanical problems. That's why we advise everyone to get their DPF filter removed and their EGR closed before problems start to pop up, because you are better safe then sorry.

That is why this Italian beauty came to us to get the ticking time bomb removed from under his car and to get the EGR valve closed. The EGR was physically closed with a blindplate and all the errors were removed from the software. After that we removed the DPF from under the car and cut open the housing. The filter was removed and we welded the housing back together. Everything was reinstalled and the software was modified so the DPF could never give an error.

This beautiful Alfa Romeo GT 1.9JTDm is now healthier and uses less fuel because of the work done. This way the owner can enjoy his care for years to come without getting problems or serious engine damage because of the DPF or EGR.


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