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  • KCPerformance lowering springs

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KCPerformance is known for developing and installing chassis upgrades for various purposes. We can provide you a racing chassis to improve your track time or just lower a family saloon to make it safer, more comfortable and visually appealing. We have a solution for everyone, so it doesn't matter what the budget or function is, we make it happen.

This Audi A5 Sportback's owner came to us to lower his car. The customer installed new wheels on his car and noticed that the car now had to be lowered a little. We looked into the dimensions and specifications of the original springs and calculated everything to the requirements and driving style of the customer so we could develop a perfect set of lowering springs. Once the springs came out of production, they were installed under the car and the wheels were aligned.

The car now drives better than before and the wheels fit nicer in the wheel arches. Just what the customer wanted!

So you see, KCPerformance can make every wish come true.


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