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by KCPerformance Audi 80 Avant Quattro RS2 Projects




  • Installed manual boostcontroller


  • Checked software and repaired the start sequence
  • KCPerformance stage 1 chiptune 400hp and 470Nm


  • ECU repair


  • Measured turbo pressure
  • Fine tuned manual boostcontroller

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

In the 90's Audi produced the Audi 80 and developed sport models like the S2 coupe which came out later as a sedan and station wagon. The Audi 80 was actually selling less than Audi expected, resulting in a huge stock of Audi 80 station wagons. Porsche was also having hard times because the sales of the Porsche 911 were bad, so bad that Porsche threatened to go bankrupt if nothing changed in a short term. Audi came up with the idea to create the fastest station wagon for everyday use that was a combination of their surplus of station wagons and the knowledge and expertise of Porsche to build fast cars called the Audi RS2. The first Audi RS was born!.

We got a call from an owner of this cult classic with the problem that the car (after a tune at a known tuner) started badly or didn't even start. He sent us the car's ECU so we could first take a look what the problem was before fine tuning the car. The first thing we noticed was the ECU was damaged by the tuner, so this damage was repaired. After this we went on to the software to see what the tuner had been doing. To begin with, there was a wrong version flashed and then we noticed a lot of changes in the software which are detrimental to the start and idle with a cold engine program. After placing the RS2 software in the ECU it went back to the owner and the car started as it should and he delivered the standard power output.

The client was very satisfied and therefore brought his car to us to take a look at what we could do to the software and install a manual boost controller. We went to work with a boost gauge so we could measure the maximum boost pressure. Then we went to work with the ECU and manual boost controller to fine tune everything as perfect as possible. After some testing and tweaking, we achieved the great result of 400hp and 470Nm with a crisp throttle response.

After a test drive with the customer, he was impressed with how much power we got out of his 20 year old station wagon. Even modern sports cars are going to have a hard time keeping up with this classic thanks to the optimized software and modifications. This old man still has a few tricks up his sleeve!


by KCPerformance Ready Projects


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