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by KCPerformance Saab 9-5 Sedan 2.3 Turbo KCPerformance Projects




  • Balanced flywheel
  • KCPerformance high performance clutch
  • KCPerformance 5-sintered pad clutch
  • Gearbox bespoke - including Quaife - automatic torque biasing differential
  • Maximum speed gearbox - about 350km/h @ 7000RPM


  • KCPerformance - Strutbrace front and rear
  • KCPerformance - Aluminium subframe bushing front and rear
  • KCPerformance - Topmounts with Uni-Ball
  • Whiteline - front triangle front and rear bushing
  • Whiteline custom triangle rear bushing
  • Whiteline - front swaybar - 20mm
  • Whiteline - rear swaybar - 22mm


  • Bilstein B8 Shocks, 30mm lowering
  • ProKit Eibach, 30mm lowering


  • Front:
    • KCPerformance Hi-Spec - 335mm two piece/high performance discs
    • KCPerformance Hi-Spec - 6 Piston Big-Brake Kit
    • Ferodo DS2500 pads
  • Rear:
    • SAAB 9-5 Aero MY2005 calipers
    • 300mm ventilated discs Original Saab
    • Ferodo DS2500 (custom pads, no standard available)
    • New master cylinder
  • Goodridge steel braided brake lines
  • At least 2x per year new brake fluid DOT4 Plus


  • Mitsubishi TD04-T KCPerformance # 7

Engine modifications

  • SAAB B234 engine block completely overhauled:
  • SAAB cylinder head 16v - B234, including faster camshafts with custom timing, stronger valve springs, upgraded hydraulic lifters and flowed inlet ports
  • SAAB 900ng Turbo intake (custom)
  • KCPerformance High Performance Pistons - Light in weight, special piston ring set.
  • KCPerformance H-Beam Connecting Rods
  • Balanced crankshaft - Engine rebuilt using ACL race spec conrod and main bearings
  • ARP strut and main bolt & disconnected balance shaft
  • Flowed exhaust collector
  • Injectors: Siemens Deka 870CC injectors - 4.0Bar FPR
  • Custom injector rail
  • Dump-valve: KCPerformance Aluminium recirculation valve
  • Renewed: Direct Ignition cassette, throttle body, crankshaft position sensor, temperature sensors, 1st & 2nd lambda probe
  • Fuel pump: 320L/H high output drop in fuel pump


  • Saab 17" Quadspoke, matt black
  • Bridgestone Potenza S001 - 225/45/17 94Y XL


  • Saab Vector Interior
  • Saab "Brushed aluminum" dashboard

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

The engine in this Saab 9-5 is completely rebuild and equipped with KCPerformance High Performance pistons, 90,50mm bore. The engine is also fitted with H-profile connecting rods and a balanced crankshaft. The cylinder head is optimized to generate better flow and is equipped with a set of quick camshafts. The base of this engine is a T5 B234 engine of which the balance shafts have been disconnected. We have used ACL bearings and ARP head bolts and strut bolts. After these modifications the engine is ready to rev up to around 8.300rpm. We have chosen to let the limiter intervene at around 7.500rpm for now.

The intake trajectory is from the Saab 900ng and has been adapted. The exhaust has been improved and the outlet side has a custom 3 inch downpipe followed by a 100 cell race catalyst. This car has a turbocharger that is based on the Mitsubishi TD04-19T. This particular turbo has a clipped exhaust wheel and custom made compressor wheel, which is developed to enhance turbo pressure at low engine rpm and also keep it's boost in the higher rpm ranges. To inject fuel in this engine we used 4x 870cc Siemens Deka injectors and a 3,5 bar fuel regulator which ensures 940cc injector output as a maximum. The car has been equipped with high flow 320LH fuel pump to provide sufficient pressure for the injectors to quench their thirst. To ensure good ignition we have placed a new DI cassette and the throttle body was replaced by the newer 2006+ model.

The gearbox is custom rebuild out of mixture of different GM gearboxes. This has been done to ensure the longest possible gearbox and the possibility to achieve more than 325km/h, while still in an acceptable engine rpm range. The gearbox has been fitted with a limited slip differential and has been mounted to the engine with a bespoke clutch kit. The clutch kit consist of a stronger pressure plate, 5 paddle sinter metal clutch plate and an original clutch cilinder (slave).

In order to keep all that power on the road, we've made the following changes to the suspension, we mounted Bilstein B8 shocks with custom top mounts fitted with Uni-balls. Eibach Pro-Kit and swaybars from Whiteline for the front and rear. The car has aluminium front and rear subframe bushings as well as a front and rear strut brace. The engine mounts have been custom made and are fitted with polyurethane bushings.

A 6-piston Big-Brake kit (335mm x 34mm) that KCPerformance developed in corporation with Hi-Spec has been fitted on the front. These discs remain reliable at very high load and they continue to function despite the extremely high temperature (and they stay flat!).

What makes this car even more special is that it is always running on Bio-Ethanol (E85), whether in mid-winter or high summer, the engine enjoys it. This 9-5 Sedan is fast without a doubt: even when accelerating above 280km/h there still is convincing acceleration felt!


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KCPerformance modified hundreds of cars, all brands and all types Some "only" did a Stage 1, others were overhauled completely or restored and "optimized".

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