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by KCPerformance BMW F11 535d xDrive Projects




  • KCPerformance DPF delete pipe


  • KCPerformance Stage 2 Chiptuning - 420 HP & 750 Nm


  • Extra set OEM BMW summer wheels
  • New RDC sensoren
  • New anti theft bolts


  • New air filter
  • New oil filter
  • New oil
  • New diesel filter
  • New interior filter
  • Original BMW spectacle cases

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

At KCPerformance you are welcome to get your car customize but we can also help you with the purchase of a new or used car. This way you can use our knowledge of cars and the importing of them. so you can be sure about your purchase. We can then immediately give the car the needed maintenance and tune it to your liking.

This customer came to us with the desire to drive a BMW 535d xDrive. After making a list of 8 cars in Germany we went to visit all of them with the customer to be sure we had the best car that was completely to his wishes. After our tour of Germany we went over to the purchase and we picked the 5-series up. All the necessary steps to import a car were done.

Once the car had its license plates we gave the car a large maintenance, all the filters and oil were replaced. Then, the DPF was removed and replaced by a downpipe without any obstruction of a catalyst or particulate filter.

The software was modified so there will never be another error message regarding the DPF and EGR. We also wrote a KCPerformance Stage 2 Chiptuning to increase the performance of the engine to 420 HP and 750 Nm. This gigantic mountain of torque and heaps of power is also possible with the 3 series E90 and F30, F32 4 Series, 4 GT F36, F10 5 Series, 5 GT F07, F12 6 Series 6 Gran Coupe F06, F01 7 Series, X3 F25 X5 E70 and F15 and E71 X6.

The car was now ready to be picked up by the new owner. He could not believe his eyes. His car is healther than when new, it is faster than a new one with its 420 HP and 750 Nm and will last longer than a new one thanks to the elimination of DPF and EGR.


Our BMW related projectsProjects

KCPerformance modified hundreds of cars, all brands and all types Some "only" did a Stage 1, others were overhauled completely or restored and "optimized".

by KCPerformance Ready Projects


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