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by KCPerformance Saab 900 Classic 2.0i Turbo Projects




  • Complete set of SuperPro bushings
  • Replaced all ball joints on the front both up and bottom side
  • Whiteline swaybar rear
  • Front arms both new and reinforced
  • New track rods & track rod ends
  • New front wheel bearings
  • Including alignment with special KCPerformance camber plates


  • KCPerformance sports shock absorber set (adjustable)
  • KCPerformance spring set


  • Original ABS system
  • Goodridge steel braided braking lines
  • Front:
    • New Saab 9000 calipers
    • New ATE brake discs
    • New ATE brake pads
  • Rear:
    • Refurbished SAAB 900 calipers
    • New ATE brake discs
    • New ATE brake pads

Engine modifications

  • Engine is designed for maximum output of 360 BHP
  • Maximum 6.500 RPM
  • Measured and checked thoroughly
  • Balanced crankshaft
  • KCPerformance Connecting Rods
  • KCPerformance Racing Pistons, over-sized 90,50mm bore
  • Build with best available bearings (ACL - Race Series Bearings)
  • Bore is oversized to 90,50mm
  • New chain, guides, head gasket and valve cover gasket
  • Cylinder head completely rebuilt and re-machined


  • KCPerformance wiring harness for KData
  • KCPerformance software 260 BHP - power output specified to customer wish
  • KCPerformance box with extra fuses and relays
  • KData ECU
  • Bosch Motorsport Bobine
  • Bosch OEM crankshaft position sensor + KCPerformance CPS holder
  • KCPerformance pickup-wheel, map-sensor, throttle body with sensor, upgraded injectors, air temperature sensor, three-way valve, lambda sensor
  • Fine-tuning of the engine management system (software)


  • New radiator & thermostat (82oC)
  • Large front mounted intercooler


  • ASA – 16” inch light weight performance wheels
  • 205-50-16 Toyo T1R tyres road legal

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

    • Racing steering wheel
    • New brown leather interior
    • Black alcantara roofing
    • New black shelf
    • Car body has been derusted and has been welded when necessary
    • Partly repainted in original grey
    • Complete “Aero” skirt set
    • Front: Febi Bilstein engine mount (hydraulic)
    • Left and right Febi Bilstein engine mount (hydraulic)
    • Accu re-located into trunk
    • Power output (260 HP) on registered papers from dutch RDW.

    We can build a Saab 900 Classic to your specifications just like we did for this customer.


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KCPerformance modified hundreds of cars, all brands and all types Some "only" did a Stage 1, others were overhauled completely or restored and "optimized".

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