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by KCPerformance Opel Vectra C Estate 1.9 CDTI Projects




  • Replaced clutch, slave cilinder and dual mass flywheel
  • Flushed the gearbox


  • Replaced a worn springs
  • Replaced sway bar rubbers on the front
  • Custom KCPerformance Whiteline polyurethane inserts in all the front trailing arms
  • Custom KCPerformance Whiteline polyurethane bushings in all the rear trailing arms


  • Upgraded brake disks to 302mm
  • Upgraded calipers with pads
  • Renewed brake oil

Engine modifications

  • Replaced multi belt
  • Replaced timing belt, pulleys and tensioners
  • Replaced water pump and coolant
  • Removed the swirl flaps
  • Removed inlet manifold, opened it, cleaned it, assemlbed it and remounted it


  • KCPerformance stage 1 chiptune
  • Closed EGR in software


  • Welded broken exhaust hanger back in place


  • Replaced all filters and oil

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

This lovely Opel Vectra came to us to give his car that extra edge. As we are specialized in diesel engines and performance modifications, we advised him to do a list of updates that gives you the feeling of driving a newer and better car. The Vectra received a KCPerformance stage 1 chiptune and the EGR was close via the software. The clutch was worn so we replaced it together with a new dual mass flywheel and slave cylinder. The transmission fluid was also renewed. The belts needed replacement so we replaced the multi belt, timing belt, tensioners, pulleys, water pump and coolant. The swirl flaps were deleted and the inlet manifold was removed, opened, cleaned on the inside, reassembled and mounted back again. All these upgrades revive the engine and make sure that it can enjoy lots of healthy miles. To give the potent and healthy car betting stopping power, we gave the car a brake upgrade. We mounted 302mm brake disks and bigger calipers with new brake pads and new brake fluid. We also gave the handling an overhaul. The worn springs were replaced with new ones, the rubber on the front sway bar were replaced and the rear and front trailing arms received new custom KCPerformance Whiteline polyurethane bushings and inserts. The engine got a new oil filter and oil. We also noticed that one of the hooks on the exhaust has broken off, so we welded it back in place. The car now is faster, handles better, stops better and is healthier.


by KCPerformance Ready Projects


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