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by KCPerformance Mini Cooper S R53 Projects




  • Installed custom clutch, pressure plate and thrust bearing
  • Installed new slave cylinder
  • Installed new master cylinder
  • Converted the gearbox from dual mass flywheel to a single mass flywheel
  • Renewed gearbox oil


  • Replaced all wheel bearings
  • Installed new front trailing arms with Whiteline polyurethane inserts
  • Installed new track rods
  • Installed new ball joints
  • Installed new track rod ends
  • Installed new steering rack dust cover
  • Realigned wheels


  • Installed Bilstein B6 shock absorbers
  • Installed Bilstein B3 springs
  • Replaced top bearings on the front


  • Replaced brake shoes
  • Replaced wheel cylinder
  • Milled out and degreased brake drums
  • Replaced brake fluid
  • Installed Bosch brake disks
  • Installed Ferodo Permier brake pads


  • Installed Milltek cat-back exhaust
  • Placed a lamda sensor for extra measurement


  • Compressor replaced by one with a 15% smaller pulley

Engine modifications

  • Replaced valve cover gasket
  • Replaced engine mounts with Whiteline and BMW engine mounts
  • Skimmed engine head
  • Replaced head gasket
  • Placed Magnecor spark plug wires
  • Placed MSD ignition coils
  • Replaced dynamo
  • Installed colder spark plugs


  • KCPerformance Software: from 163bhp to around 210bhp


  • Evacuated, performed vacuum test and recharged the airconditioning system
  • Deodorized and sanitized airconditioning system
  • Placed new AVA radiator
  • Placed new water pump
  • Placed new thermostat 82°C


  • Sumer:
    • Bridgestone Potenza RE050A 205/45/R17 84W Run-flat tires
  • Winter:
    • Nokian winter tires


  • Replaced oil
  • Installed new oil filter
  • Installed new air filter
  • Installed new fuel filter
  • Replaced coolant

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

BMW have created a worthy follow up for the Mini. Especially the Cooper S is a fast, small and nimble hatchback. Yet, this client thought that BMW forgot to improve several points. That is why he came to us to give his Mini Cooper S a KCPerformance tuning.
We started by installing a Milltek cat-back exhaust. We also placed a lamda sensor to perform some extra measurements. The engine received a new compressor with a 15% smaller pulley, new Magnecor spark plug cables, MSD ignition coil and colder spark plugs. Hereafter we gave the ECU a KCPerformance chiptune stage 1.
To transfer all this power to the tires, we gave the gearbox new oil, a custom clutch with new pressure plate and thrust bearing, new slave- and master cylinder and we converted it from a double mass flywheel to a single mass flywheel. The tires were replaced by a new set of Bridgestone Potenza's for the summer and Nokian winter tires for the winter.
After further inspection we noticed an oil leak. The head gasket was replaced to solve the leakage. We also replaced the valve cover gasket and the head was skimmed. The engine received new oil and coolant. The oil filter, air filter and fuel filter were replaced by new ones.
Then we checked the cooling. We installed a new radiator in combination with a new water pump and thermostat.The air conditioning was evacuated, we performed a vacuum test and recharged the air conditioning system. We also deodorized and sanitized the air conditioning system.
The suspension also could use some improvements without giving in on comfort. That is why we upgraded the handling. The shock absorbers and springs were removed and replaced by Bilstein B6 shock absorbers and Bilstein B3 springs, the top mounts were also renewed. The trailing arms were replaced by new ones with Whiteline polyurethane inserts. We also gave the Mini new track rods, track rod ends, ball joints and steering rack dust covers. The wheel bearings were replaced and we aligned the wheels. The engine receveid new mounts, these were a combination of BMW and Whiteline rubber.
To stop the car better we gave the brakes an overhaul. We replaced the brake shoes and wheel cylinders. The drums were also milled out and degreased. The brake fluid was renewed and we mounted new Bosch High Carbon brake disks and Ferodo Premier brake pads in all four corners.
The Mini Cooper S drove off with a newer and better version of the Cooper S. A healtyh and powerful engine with a lovely sound, a gearbox that can handle the power with the new transmission parts and put it to the ground through the new tires, a tight and comfortable driving experience thanks to the new suspension upgrades, a cooling system that can perform better then ever, renewed brakes,... Is there something missing to perfect your Mini Cooper S? A KCPerformance tuning pack of course!


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KCPerformance modified hundreds of cars, all brands and all types Some "only" did a Stage 1, others were overhauled completely or restored and "optimized".

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