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by KCPerformance Audi TT 8J 2.0 TFSI Projects




  • Whiteline polyurethane rubbers in the front trailing arms
  • Whiteline polyurethane torque arm bushings
  • Whiteline polyurethane rack and pinion bushings
  • Replaced front ball joints by OEM parts


  • Bilstein B8 shock absorbers
  • KCPerformance lowering springs
  • Replaced top bearingslagers
  • Replaced top mounts


  • Replaced lambda sensor
  • Fitted modified JT Exhausts 3 inch downpipe

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

This customer his Audi TT is already a beautiful car. Especially with a powerful 2.0TFSI engine it is a real pleasure to drive. We at KCPerformance still noticed some point that could use improvement and the client has the same thoughts. That is why we lowered the car with KCPerformance lowering springs and Bilstein B8 shock absorbers. The top mounts and top bearings were also replaced. The rubber in the front axle was next. All the rubber in the trailing arms were replaced by Whiteline polyurethane bushings, we also placed Whiteline rubber in the steering rack, beam axle and engine torque bushings. The ball joints were also replaced by original parts. To improve the flow of exhaust gasses, we modified a JT Exhausts 3inch downpipe for a better fitment and mounted it. During this process we also replaced the lambda sensor. The Audi TT drove of performing better than ever. It now handles better thanks to the new polyurethane rubber, looks better lowered and received an performance boost with the new downpipe. An other successful project and a happy customer!


by KCPerformance Ready Projects


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