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by KCPerformance Saab 9-5 NG 2.0 TiD Projects




  • KCPerformance strut brace


  • KCPerformance Bilstein B8 custom
  • KCPerformance Eibach custom lowering springs


  • KCPerformance Aero V6 brake set


  • Removed DPF
  • KCPerformance Downpipe
  • KCPerformance end muffler


  • KCPerformance GTB2056V turbo stage 4 upgrade

Engine modifications

  • Closed EGR
  • Removed swirl valves
  • Removed throttle body


  • Removed DPF and EGR from the software
  • KCPerformance stage 4 chiptune


  • Regular maintenance

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

This 9-5 NG was imported from Belgium. We did all the paperwork for the client and costumised the car to his liking. A 9-5 NG is a beautiful car with plenty of luxury. The engine on the other hand could use some extra power. That is why this Saab received a KCPerformance stage 2 chiptune. The EGR and DPF was deleted from the software. The EGR was closed off with a plate and the DPF was removed. The throttle body was thanked for it's service and was removed for better flow. The engine is now more powerful and more reliable and healthier. But to put the icing on the cake, we removed the swirl valves. These little plates can easily brake off and get sucked into the engine. There they can cause serious engine- and turbo failure.
This Saab 9-5 is transformed into a modern luxury cruiser with increased performance and a lot of torque with extended durability thanks to the removal of the EGR, DPF and swirl valves.

This 9-5 NG was tuned even further to a KCPerformance stage 4 tuning. We changed the turbo and downpipe in combination with a KCPerformance stage 4 chiptune to use the turbo as optimal as can be. The rear muffler was also replaced to give the 9-5 a more deep growl. To keep all this power on the road we installed a custom set of springs and dampers. This set was custom made by us together with Bilstein and Eibach. As the lovely 9-5 now is a lot faster, we also upgraded the brakes to make it stop faster. We installed a KCPerformance Aero V6 brake set to do the job.

This 9-5 NG with these upgrades transformed in to a powerful grand tourer. A sea of luxury and a extreme powerful but efficient diesel engine, what more do you want from such an exclusive car?

KCPerformance project: Saab 9-5 NG 2.0 TiD, photo 2 KCPerformance project: Saab 9-5 NG 2.0 TiD, photo 3


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