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by KCPerformance Volkswagen Golf 2 1.8 GTI Projects




  • Replaced ball joints
  • Whiteline bushings in the front trailing arms
  • Whiteline bushings in the rear axle
  • Replaced wheel bearings


  • KW V1 coilovers
  • Replaced top mounts
  • Replaced top bearings


  • Installed broadband sensor
  • Fine tuned the Weber carburettors
  • Fully aligned and weighed out the car

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

A lot of people like to work on their car or classic car. But some jobs are too complex or require specific expensive tools. We love to help all people, those with passion for their care or those who just use it to get from A to B. This Volkswagen Golf II GTI is a very lucky hot hatch with such a good owner. The owner maintains his MK2 to perfection. We were honoured to work on his car. We fitted Whiteline polyurethane bushings in the front trailing arms and rear axle. We also replaced the front ball joints. The driveshafts on lowered cars wear quicker because they sit under the wrong angle. That is why these were replaced by new ones. Also the lowering was replaced by a KW Var 1 coilover kit, they were replaced together with the top bearings and top mounts. We aligned the car and weighed the car out for great weightdistribution. This way the owner can enjoy his powerful engine and sharp chassis without the car acting unpredictable. We also installed a broadband sensor and fine tuned the Weber carburettor. The VW Golf MK2 GTI now has a sharp chassis and a well tuned engine, something that really compliments the GTI. It is an eye catcher while standing still and a pleasure to drive. It is the superlative degree of a GTI.


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