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by KCPerformance Volkswagen Touareg 7L 5.0 TDI V10 Projects




  • Removed DPF


  • Removed DPF error from software

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

A Volkswagen Toureg is already a big mean luxury SUV. But with a 5.0 TDI V10 under the hood it is a real beast. Isn't it a shame when your powerful diesel engine lets you down by something as a clogged diesel particulate filter? A clogged DPF can be the reason why an engine doesn't run smooth or goes in to limp home mode. But we at KCPerformance know how to solve this problem. We removed both DPF's from the Touareg V10 and emptied them. The housing of the filter was welded back shut with a clean finish and everything was fitted back into place. To complete this job we modified the software. We deleted the DPF error so the owner will never be troubled with a check engine light regarding the DPF. This VW Touareg 5.0 TDI can now enjoy his trusty car in all luxury without having to fear any expensive DPF problems.


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