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Custom Saab 900 classic

The SAAB 900 Classic, a stylish, classy car for the petrol head who wants to be a little bit different, distinguish oneself from the crowd. One of the best looking youngtimers currently on sale and practical, spacious and suitable for daily use as well. The last SAAB 900 Classic was produced in 1993 however, so unfortunately you can't buy a new one anymore. A car of this age can be a beauty and great fun driving it, but at the same time be a source of annoyance and unexpected costs. In addition, there is often room for improvement on reliability and handling, not to mention safety. Would you like to drive a SAAB 900 Classic in mint condition? KCPerformance can build an improved SAAB 900 Classic, meeting today's automotive standards, with increased performance and better handling.

Engine technology

From "standard" new till completely modified engines, we make sure the power train matches your requirements. The basis is a 2.0 turbo engine, with a custom performance setup up to approximately 450BHP (gasoline/bio-ethanol). For this engine KCPerformance has developed new pistons, conrod bearings and main bearings. We also offer a selection of conrods, camshaft and cylinder heads, suitable for high revs.

Further possibilities are:

Use of Trionic 5 engine management, the system itself as well as the software modifications. Software will be developed in house for every individual engine and usage.

  • A turbo and exhaust system in line with the required performance output
  • Custom aluminium intercooler
  • Drivetrain modifications (reinforced gearbox, clutch, pressure plate and fly wheel), fit for power upgrades exceeding 450 bhp.


A reliable and effective brake system is important in nowadays heavy traffic. Especially when combined with a performance upgrade it's highly recommended to check the condition of the brakes and if necessary improve them. KCPerformance can improve brakes using standard upgrades or so called "big-brake" kits, combined with the right brake discs and pads. In addition we can update the brake system to more recent specs by mounting ABS.


Together with the tires the chassis forms your contact with the road. KCPerformance is specialized in chassis technologies and has the skills to not only maintain the chassis of your SAAB 900 Classic, but more important: to improve it. Besides replacing shock absorbers, springs, rubbers and balls we also mount swaybars and strutbars. This package highly improves the handling of the car. With such a chassis the SAAB 900 Classic can meet the specifications of many present-day cars, or even beat them. Pure performance, comfort or the right in between balance, we're happy to inform you about the possibilities. Obviously KCPerformance can take care of aligning and if necessary outweighing the car after a chassis upgrade, using our own state of the art equipment.


Present-day cars are equipped with all kinds of facilities for the driver's well-being. Depending on the version the SAAB 900 Classic is already well equipped, but the car can be customized in this area as well. Examples are fitting (or repairing) the air-conditioning, cruise control, (adjustable) heated seats, electric windows, a sunroof and /or a luxurious audio system, combined with a navigation system if you wish.


Not just a sublime car to drive, but a gorgeous appearance as well. The right combination of lining, rims and paint can make or break a car's looks. The SAAB 900 Classic is already good-looking by itself, you can decide on the finishing touch. Leather or fabric lining, or a combination of both. Rims in all shapes and sizes, original or performance, naturally supplied with the right tires. Repairing small dents or a full re-spray, a new hood for your convertible in the colour of choice, front and rear spoilers, skirts, fog lights, lettering in your companies' style etc., KCPerformance can take care of it all.


It's important to maintain a car well, backlogs and the resulting damage are often more troublesome and expensive to resolve than preventative maintenance. To guarantee years or carefree driving we use the best parts available to service the SAAB 900 Classic. A service interval in line with the use of the car, upfront knowledge on costs and an outstanding driving experience make the SAAB 900 Classic by KCPerformance a reliable daily travel partner.


All SAAB 900 Classics by KCPerformance are delivered with a spotless maintenance history (if applicable) and all critical components are replaced pre-emptively. An extended guarantee is possible in consultation.

Do you already own a SAAB 900 Classic? We can recondition your current car as well.

Needless to say you can always test drive a SAAB 900 Classic by KCPerformance first, call us for an appointment. Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us with any other questions you might have.

Visit S9C.eu for more information about restoring and tuning SAAB 900 Classics

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