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Does your braking system require maintenance, do you want more braking power or do you have a nasty vibration or change of direction during braking that you can not get rid of? At KCPerformance we can maintain and improve your braking system with various upgrades. There are also possibilities to improve the pedal feel.

In short, the brake system consists of a hydraulic circuit that connects the four brakes and the master brake cylinder. Depending on the vehicle, an ABS system can be fitted here or an auxiliary cylinder to control the brake pressure distribution. The brakes themselves are based in two types: brake discs and brake drums, with both variants being braked by pushing a brake lining against the rotating disc or drum.

The maximum braking force is strongly dependent on the chosen brake disc and brake pad, we know better than anyone what suitable components are to achieve the expected brake performance. Do not forget that brake components are wear parts and need to be replaced in time to maintain optimum braking performance.

Brake discs are available in different grades and materials, such as solid and ventilated brake discs, perforated, grooved, 1- and 2-part brake discs and carbon or ceramic brake discs. The differences are mainly expressed in the unsprung weight, the cooling, consistent braking performance and the removal of brake dust. Of course, there is also a lot depending on the size of the brake disc, in principle it applies that with a larger brake disc a stronger deceleration is possible.

KCPerformance is happy to help you optimize your braking system, we assemble components from many famous brands such as Brembo, AP-Racing, Goodridge, Hi-Spec, Hawk, Ferodo, DBA, Textar and TRW. Of course we also assemble original parts and maintain or adjust your braking system as desired.

Maintenance to your braking system:

  • Replacing / overhauling caliper
  • Replacing disks and / or blocks
  • Replacing (flexible) brake lines
  • Replacement / overhaul of parts of ABS / ESP / TCS system

Upgrading the brake system:

  • Customized brake discs (both belt and rotor / disc as middle section)
  • Custom calipers and brackets
  • Brake system upgrade with original brand parts of faster models of the same brand
  • Tailored brake lines (also flexible)
  • Adjustments to the parking brake if necessary