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Oil Cooler

In addition to the operation of the radiator that keeps the engine at the right temperature. In order to keep the lubrication, cleaning and cooling effect of the oil optimal, there is also the oil cooler. Engines supplemented with a turbo require more cooling than atmospheric engines. The direct cooling of the oil gives more control over the temperature of the oil.

An oil cooler is a separate small radiator / heat exchanger with the purpose of cooling oil to a constant optimum temperature. Roughly speaking, a lower oil temperature results in a longer engine life. An oil cooler can play an important role in the smooth running of an engine by removing the hot oil from the moving parts in the bottom of the engine.

The optimum temperature of oil is between 82 ° and 93 ° C. Problems occur when the oil can not dissipate its absorbed heat quickly enough and reaches its saturation point. Then the oil begins to break down and it loses its lubricating and cooling properties. Because the oil also has cooling properties. For example, certain parts of the engine (crankshaft, bearings, camshafts, connecting rods and pistons are only cooled by oil.

Few cars have been produced with an oil cooler, but the after-market offers a wide range with many possibilities.