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DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Problems

The Diesel Particulate Filter, or so-called "particulate filter" is a filter specifically designed to reduce particulate matter emission, especially in urban areas where the speed is relatively low. It is said that a well-functioning soot filter can reduce particulate emissions by 95%. Emissions during the regeneration process (burning of collected soot) are however left out of consideration in these tests. In addition, no proper investigation on the particles still emitted (particulate matter) and the impact of these on the environment and human health has been done.

Regeneration is performed every 200 to 1,000 km, controlled by the engine management system. During regeneration, the temperature in the particle filter is increased to about 600°C. This temperature increase is achieved by injecting extra fuel and changing the injection timing. Some systems use special additives for regeneration. Depending on the use of the car, the DPF can become more and more clogged and will have to be replaced when regeneration eventually sorts little to no effect.

Defects can be caused by

  • Oil consumption of the engine and consequent emission
  • Leaking injector(s)
  • A malfunctioning EGR system
  • Too little opportunity for full regeneration (short distances are disastrous for a DPF)
  • Improper use of products to boost regeneration
  • Poor fuel quality

Frequently used solutions are

  • Manually start regeneration process
  • Increase regeneration intensity (regenerate more often)
  • Remove the cause of the clogging (see above)
  • Replace the DPF (Often costly and it can't be guaranteed that the problems won't reoccur)
  • Removal of DPF and the regeneration system
  • (Adjust software/engine-electronics so the system will not regenerate anymore, combined with hardware removal as needed)
  • Combination(s) of the above

The removal of the Diesel Particulate Filter, as needed in combination with EGR disabling, increases engine power. In addition, reducing exhaust backpressure allows the turbo to spin easier resulting in less wear. Finally, it is possible to save up to 14% on fuel.

KCPerformance can troubleshoot DPF-systems for you. This starts with precise diagnostics; We are equipped with the tools to read error-codes from all brands, supplemented by our extensive practical experience.

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