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Injectors (common rail and piezo)

Injectors are the part of the injection engine injecting fuel into the cylinders. Older diesel engines use indirect injection: The fuel flows from the high-pressure pump via the fuel line to the injectors where the fuel is injected into a separate prechamber. The newer generations (common rail) diesel engines use direct injection, the fuel flows via the fuel line to the injectors and is sprayed directly into the combustion chamber. Nowadays, the majority of the diesel engines are injected directly. The advantage of these modern systems is that the electronic control of injection timing and fuel quantity makes the emission of harmful gases much more manageable.

One of the main causes of excessive soot emission is internal contamination. Often this applies to the injectors, the spray pattern is incorrect due to soot deposits.This can be largely prevented by using quality gasoline and premium oil, which is changed regularly.
In addition to contamination, poor quality fuel can also cause clogging and leaking of the injectors.
KCPerformance can recondition or replace (a) faulty injector(s). Injectors can also be upgraded to a better spray pattern, resulting in more engine power. In combination with chip-tuning, we can even get more power out of original or upgraded injectors.

Symptoms of faulty injectors

  • Engine starts difficult or not at all
  • Abnormal idling
  • Little power
  • High fuel consumption
  • Knocking (delayed self-ignition due to bad fuel delivery)
  • Black or gray exhaust smoke

KCPerformance is happy to assist you with the testing of injectors, fitting new injectors and enlarging or upgrading injectors. We also adjust the engine management software, as needed.