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Software & chiptuning

In the past, diesel engines were simple and adjusted based on the air/diesel mixture and idle speed.

Modern diesel engines are very complex and the operation of the engine is controlled by the engine management system's software. This software is programmed in such a way that even under extreme circumstances the factory provided specifications are always met, at lower or higher altitudes, heat or freezing cold, dampness or dryness and even when there is a backlog in maintenance. This leaves a margin which can be used to improve performance.

Many cars are even sold brand new with identical engines but different power outputs. KCPerformance develops software that utilizes this margin from the engine and turbo as efficient as possible, fitted to the individual car and its use.

Besides software customization, we can also develop software to just disable the EGR- and/or DPF-system to resolve various problems. Of course we also offer custom software to optimize the use of custom hardware.


  • To prevent or resolve problems
  • EGR disabling, DPF removal
  • Improve engine start
  • Enlarged (unit) injectors
  • Hybrid or enlarged turbochargers

Modern diesel engines are becoming increasingly complex and the applications are very diverse, yet there are all kinds of standard software upgrades on sale.

Why do we rather not use a powerbox or standard off-the-shelf software?

  • Influences engine performance by simulating sensors (powerbox only)
  • The use of the engine is not taken into account
  • Often causes error codes and/or poor running of the engine
  • May result in serious malfunctions and shorten the lifespan

Benefits of chiptuning

We think it is important that the software matches the hardware and the use of the car, truck or boat and therefore our choice is to write all our software in house. Each adjustment is a one-off and customized and tested for the individual engine. Therefore we are confident that the disadvantages of off-the-shelf software or powerboxes do not apply. We can offer you optimal service during and after the tuning.

Benefits of chiptuning by KCPerformance

  • Improves performance
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Matching software and hardware upgrades (turbo, injectors, exhaust)
  • Longer lifespan of the engine by the removal of EGR and/or DPF
  • Adjustments based on the use of engine
  • Optimum service during and after the tuning

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