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Shortblock revision

We start by checking the lower block and determine whether revision is possible and cost-efficient on the basis of its condition. Depending on the wear found, it is determined which machining is necessary. The lower block is honed, or edged up and honed to the next possible excess. If suitable larger pistons are not available, they can always be made to measure. When checking the engine, the line of the crank journals is also checked and if necessary it can be line-orientated or lined.


First the crankshaft is checked and determined whether it should be honed and sharpened, to the next undersize. Of course we check the dimensions after this work and if desired the crankshaft (possibly with clutch) is balanced. Depending on the operations the bearing shells are chosen in the right size, this can be a standard size or an excess. There are also various choices in the quality of the bearings, examples are: NPRE, ACL or King bearings. We are happy to advise you on making the right choice.

Pistons and pistonrings.

The pistons are checked and if necessary replaced by an excess size at a reamed shortblock, in combination with new, adequate piston rings. We use several preferred brands for pistons and piston rings and we also like to supply the well-known performance brands. KCPerformance offers tailor-made solutions for different applications. Whereby the first tests are carried out in-house and the production is accommodated at a manufacturer that meets our quality requirements and connects with technical possibilities.


The overhaul of a cylinder head starts with a visual inspection. We first determine whether the cylinder head can be overhauled or whether it might be better to use another head. Afterwards tested under pressure and the cylinder head surface is flattened. After visual inspection, pressure test and if necessary smoothing, we disassemble the valves and check whether the valves can be sharpened or whether we need to replace the valves (possibly for performance valves). The valve guides are checked for slack and the valve rubbers replaced. As well the valve springs and seats. Performance variants are available and different possibilities for LPG applications.

Attachment parts and details.

Of course, when you rebuild an engine, many more things come to view, these details are at least as much important for a well-running engine. Consider, for example, the use of the correct seals.


The distribution is of great importance, as the motor is constructed for daily use, it is important that there are parts mounted of which the quality is assured. If the engine is used to deliver much more than standard performance, there are often opportunities to optimize the distribution and realize reliability.