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Manual gearbox

The manual gearbox functions with two axles with gears which are pushed together or linked to each other with the aid of a switching mechanism. Depending on the type of gearbox and the drive, the differential may be in the gearbox.

Overhaul (reinforce)

During a overhaul, the gearbox is disassembled and examined in detail. In any case all bearings are replaced. Various other parts are replaced, depending on the condition. We can also strengthen various gearboxes or change the gear ratios with parts from other gearboxes. Your gearbox with a completely new interior is also possible, these parts come from various famous (racing) brands that we work with.

Clutch (custom)

KCPerformance can help you to replace a worn clutch, but do you know that there are other options such as a reinforced set or a multiplate set. The clutch kit generally consists of a clutch plate, pressure group and pressure bearing. The clutch plate and pressure group ensure that there is a connection between the manual gearbox and the engine. This makes it possible to switch gear. If the standard clutch is slipping because the engine delivers too much power, there are several options. Custom-made clutch is suitable to handle more power and we are happy to advise you on the most suitable solution.

Flywheel (custom)

The flywheel has a number of functions and come in two variants. A single mass flywheel and a double mass flywheel. The weight of the flywheel provides extra rotating mass for the rotating engine parts, making it easier to drive off and the engine keeps on running better when it is switched over. In addition, the flywheel transmits the power of the engine to the clutch set and most flywheels have a starter ring on which the engine is started. A single mass flywheel or single mass flywheel consists of a single plate which is bolted to the crankshaft and consists of aluminum, steel or cast iron. The double mass flywheel or dual mass flywheel consists of a part that is screwed to the crankshaft and a part that makes contact with the coupling, in between the plates springs are placed as a damping system, to control the movement of the engine and vibrations.

We can take care of both the assembly of a new DMF flywheel and a tailor-made clutch or single mass flywheel. The single mass flywheel can also replace the double-mass flywheel or be made lighter in order to speed up the engine.

Installing limited slip differential (manual gearbox / differential)

What is a limited slip differential? A limited slip differential is a differential that ensures the speed difference between the wheels driven by the differential, the speed difference is reduced or even eliminated. Both wheels can be connected to a maximum star. With a normally 'open' differential, the wheels can rotate freely and there is no mechanical device to limit speed differences. With a limited speed difference, there is more grip, you can accelerate faster though the corner and drift with more control, but the car is also safer because of improved handling.

A front-wheel drive car often has the differential in the same housing as the gearbox, we can also place a limited slip differential here. Do you have a rear-wheel drive car, then the differential is separately built into the rear axle, also here we can install a limited slip differential. If your car has four-wheel drive, please inquire specific possibilities. Here, too, there are possibilities to install single or double differentials.

If your car does not have a limited slip differential, KCPerformance will be happy to build it for you. There are different variants and possibilities, let us inform you. For example, we assemble Quaife ATB, Eaton TrueTrac and Wavetrac, and we can also replace the bearings in which the differential is mounted.