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Custom turbo kit

Do you have a car without a turbo or would you like to upgrade your turbo then KCPerformance is the place to be. We can supply every kind of turbo and tailor it to solve your specific turbo request.

Depending on the requirement, a turbo kit contains the following parts:

  • A turbo and exhaust manifold to mount the turbo.
  • Downpipe from the turbo to the exhaust
  • Intercooler
  • Oil and water pipes (depending on the turbo and the cooling)
  • Blow off valve
  • Various other small components
  • Software remap or a piggyback system for right Air-Fuel ratio

KCPerformance supplies Turbos from the various brands including Garrett, BorgWarner and Holset. As well KCPerformance' own brand and self-assembled applications.

If there are no ready-made solutions available for your car, we will tailor it including an intercooler system. We also offer turbo add-ons such as waste gates from Tail, Turbosmart. For extra engine cooling we also offer Setrab and Mocal oil coolers, this can also be provided with customized oil pipes.