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Wheel align & weight distribution settings

3D Alignment

Alignment is particularly important to let drive a car properly. It’s just as important for an race car as it is for an daily vehicle. When we do the alignment we will look as well more into depth. We make sure the chassis is good condition before we start adjusting. Even the best equipment cannot compensate for a broken part. And when we must adjust, we know why and where to compensate for.

KCPerformance uses the latest Hunter Hawk Eye Elite with Quickgrip, making it easy and reliable to align without damaging the rims. Because we develop a lot of chassis components and shock absorbers, we can also go a step further. Problems in the chassis that seemed unsolvable can be tackled by us.


In addition to alignment. KCPerformance offers weight balancing. This method originated from the mounting and adjustment of height-adaptable chassis. For this system it’s necessary to have a fully balanced car. We can weigh up to a total of 2800KG, and up to 700KG per wheel. So, we can handle the heavier cars as well.


KCPerformance uses the latest generation of Intercomp weighing equipment with Wireless Weighing Technology (type SW787RFX). The advantage of this latest generation of equipment is that it is very fast, shows weights per 0.5KG accurately and leaves the suspension of the car completely accessible. We place the car on the 4 scales on the alignment bridge. Each scale then transmits the weight per wheel wirelessly to the appropriate computer. If necessary, we can immediately re-align after the weighing and adjustment.

You will receive a complete report with the status in advance and afterwards:
  • Position before / position afterwards
  • Weight / pressure per wheel
  • Weight ratio between front and back
  • Weight ratio between left and right side of the car
  • Weight ratio diagonal (front left & right rear - front right & rear left)
When to apply:
  • Adjustment in height adjustable chassis
  • Improve balance in the car
  • Deviations in hard braking
  • Special circuit adjustment
  • Bring more balance in the car